National Ballet of Canada

The Walter Carsen Centre for The National Ballet of Canada
470 Queens Quay West
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5V 3K4


Performance Venue – The Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts
145 Queen Street West
(Queen & University)
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5H 4G1


The highly anticipated new ballet celebrates the life and work of Scottish-Canadian filmmaker Norman McLaren.

This spring, the whimsical world of princesses, fairies, and magical enchantments will be transported from storybook to stages across Canada.

A ballet-orchestral performance that brings together three of Canada’s most important dance companies.

The ballet gala—both loved and hated for its ostentatious displays of virtuosic technique—is about to get a makeover.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: On stage, Chan Hon Goh is the quintessential ballerina. A principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada, Goh is one of the company’s most exquisite classicists. Her ballon, or the lightness of her landings, is legendary.

FROM THE ARCHIVE: On November 12, 1951, the National Ballet of Canada made its debut in Toronto. At the helm is artistic director Karen Kain, one of Canada’s most beloved and honoured ballerinas.

The curtain rises on Greta Hodgkinson, principal dancer with the National Ballet of Canada. It’s the ballerina’s 20th season with the Toronto-based company, and there she is, lying on her stomach onstage at the Four Seasons Centre for the Performing Arts, long brown hair braided as tightly as the ribbons on her pink satin pointe shoes, nose in a book.