Cider, calvados, and camembert. The northern coast of France is home to some delicious trails, one of them being the La Route du Cidre, which takes outdoor enthusiasts on a pilgrimage through some of France’s most delicious sips made from the humble apple.

Architecture firm Native Narrative has heightened the sauna experience, so beloved by Danes, with curated furnishings and materials like aspen timber for a better skin-feel, aromatic trays, and the ability to pull the sauna via trailer hitch to wherever your wanderlust takes you.

The charm and allure of grand old Paris never tires, no matter how many times you find yourself in the City of Lights. It is constantly reinventing itself, and even things that are old in years are revivified by the sum of the city’s many parts.

Popping up all around the world, food halls cater to those who are compelled by food on an aesthetic level or want to experience culinary discoveries without the restrictions of sitting down in a restaurant with stiff table service.

Although fine dining has not completely lost its shimmer, the concept of bringing together high-quality ingredients and superchefs in a fast-paced environment is on the rise.